Children's stories


The Real Santa

las decNicholas decided he wNicholas decided he wanted to serve the Lord, so he left all his riches and fortunes and became a minister.

There was a time when the nearby town, Myra, didn’t have a bishop; one of the ministers had to be chosen to be given this important job.

As usual Nicholas awoke early that morning and went to the church to pray…

Once there, Nicholas noticed an old minister sitting patiently, as if he had been waiting for him.

“Who are you, my son?”
The old minister asked him.

“Nicholas the sinner,” he replied. “And I am your servant.”

The old man told him, “God gave a vision and said that whoever comes into the church first on this day would be the new bishop, and that is you.”

And so Nicholas became the bishop of the town of Myra.