Children's stories


The Real Santa

When Nicholas was a teenager he heard about very poor family:

They were starving because they had no food or money. The father of this family could not supply the money needed for his three daughters to get married. The father felt so hopeless that he was ready to send his oldest out girl to earn living on the streets.

Nicholas was wealthy and he wanted to help, but he didn’t want this family to know who was helping them, so he decided to help them secretly.

One night when everything was dark, he quietly made his way to the poor family’s house. After he made sure no one was around to see him he threw a bag of gold in the window.

Can you imagine how happy this poor family was when they found this bag of gold? The bag of gold had enough money for the oldest daughter to get married and she no longer had to go out into the streets to work.

Later Nicholas did this same thing for the second daughter; he threw another bag of gold in the window for them.

When it was time for the third daughter to get married, the father of the family stayed up all night and watched to see who it was that was being so kind to them. Finally after many hours the father heard a thud and looked over and saw another bag of gold there, well the father ran out and followed Nicholas until he caught him. Nicholas was very embarrassed that he had been caught while doing this kind deed and asked the father to keep it a secret and not to tell anyone how he had helped them.