Quotes on Raising Christian Children.





No woman can control teenage boys unless she's a real toughie! It takes a man that can really lower the boom on'm and apply the rod and sock it to them!

What good are parents if they can't even control their own kids?

Kids who can't behave and parents who can't control their children don't belong in God's Family.

A father without a rod is no father at all. A father without discipline is no father at all.

I don't think you should talk about the Devil and his works around children too much. It's not good, as it gets their minds on those negative things and begins to make them fearful to where they spend too much time thinking about it.

God's love can help you love anyone--especially for your children's sake!

Parents should not discuss financial problems and big problems of any kind before children who wouldn't understand them.

The reason I made it through school and all the unbelief and persecution was that I was convinced on my parents' religion. I knew they had the real thing and I believed in it, and nothing the atheists and the antichrists of school and education and evolution could do could shake that faith.

No wonder the Lord had to increase woman's conception. Not just as a part of the Curse, but to make sure that some children did survive, because the Devil was out to kill'm & stop'm if he could. If he couldn't stop sex & he couldn't stop nudity, which encourages sex, then he would certainly try to get the children. And they are his major point of attack & what he hates the most. Maybe that explains why so many children die before they're just a few years of age.

The Devil is really out to get the children, to kill the children, to neutralise the children, to stop the children! Because if he can stop enough children he'll kill the whole generation & the whole World will die of genocide. Which is no doubt why he's thought up the atomic bombs & the atomic war, because every other tactic has failed to stop the population growth.

As a good parent, I keep a sharp eye on this whole outfit from stem to stern. I run a tight ship & I don't let anybody get away with anything! I keep an eye even on the property & inspect everything almost every day, including the people.

We didn't get where we're at by namby pamby pussy-footing around & letting people get away with things & pampering & babying & tolerating & spoiling our people. We got where we're at because the Lord has helped me to be a tough father with my children & not let them get away with anything!

If parents cannot discipline & control their own children, they have no business in any important job in God's Work.

If you don't discipline a child from the time they're a baby, they're going to be a failure & a flop & a mess & a problem by the time they get to be a year old, & that's not the poor baby's fault, it's the fault of the God-damned parents who don't obey God's rules & our instruction.

Delinquent children are the products of delinquent parents!

Discipline is damned hard work, very hard work, & it is a constant grind. You don't ever dare let up, not for one minute, not for one occasion, not on any score whatsoever. You've got to keep at it to make it consistent & constant.

How would you parents like it if I tell you you're involved in deviltry & witchcraft if you fail to discipline your children?--Because rebellious stubborn children are the result of rebellious stubborn parents.

If you are too busy to train & discipline & control your children & enforce obedience, you are too busy! You're better off not to have any children or give'm to somebody who knows how to take care of them, who knows how to train them in the nurture & admonition of the Lord & raise them in obedience & self-control, or at least parental control!

God does not put up with parents or children who are controllable only part of the time. He cannot take a chance on people who are risky & possibly will fail when they are most needed. It's either all or nothing at all with God! Either you are obedient or you are disobedient, & God will not tolerate any percentage of disobedience!

"He scourgeth every son whom He receiveth!" (Heb.12:6) Well, I haven't told any parents to make a Roman scourge with nine thongs & nine bits of lead in the tips to give their children stripes, long deep cuts in the back every time they spank them. But that's the word God uses for His kind of stripes that He gives people who disobey & rebelliously stubbornly willfully refuse to do what they're told to do, including taking care of & disciplining their own children. They spare the rod & spoil the child. Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child & only the rod of correction can drive it far from him. (Prov.22:15)

"Whom the Lord loveth", He scourgeth, He whips, He lashes, & it hurts Him more than it does us. One of the supreme forms of love, one of the most sacrificial forms of love, is to discipline a child.

. If you don't chasten your children, if you don't use the rod in obedience to God's laws & drive that child's foolishness far from him, if you spoil that child by sparing the rod, you don't love that child or care anything about that child! You hate that child! God cannot stand any kind of unfaithfulness in His army anymore than any other Commander of any other military force can take a chance on security risks & disobedience & failure to follow orders & obey commands.

Parents who are neglecting their children & failing to discipline them & teach them & control them & punish them & beat them with the rod & scourge them with the whip, whatever it takes to do it, are failing God & us & the Family & their job & the next generation.

As a good parent, you must catch in a hurry children who are starting to go astray, nip it in the bud. You must deal with them right away & not take any chances on any gaps in the armour, any gaps in the wall, any chinks in the armour, any Achilles' heels, we can't take chances on any little finger-sized or thumb-sized holes in the dike or pretty soon you'll have a complete flood that'll sink the ship.

Parents who fail to discipline their children are a constant hazard, because if they have let the Devil get in like that through their disobedience & their neglect & their downright rebelliousness against us & our laws & Family laws & the laws of God & His Word, they are untrustworthy, they cannot be relied upon. They're a hole in the wall, they're a chink in the armour through which the Devil can get in & cause no end of trouble.

If you flatly, willfully disobey & refuse to child-train & discipline & chasten & beat & scourge your children & make them behave as God does, you're going to have to live with that for eternity in everlasting shame & contempt & have to see the damage & suffering that your neglect & your disobedience & your rebelliousness has caused you children.

God will destroy parents who are destroying their children & thereby destroying the future, & both the present & future Work of God.

Nobody is indispensable, especially people who do not obey. I don't care how good a job you've done at your technical work. If you have failed on you children, you have failed! All the typing & all the photography & all the computer work & all the technology & all the lit & all the publications & all that we're doing has failed if we have failed on our children.

Parents who fail to discipline & make their children obey & have not yet learned to themselves obey & who have flagrantly violated our rules of child training & God's rules of discipline, claiming to love God, have ruined their children, the gifts of God, pretending that it was in love when it was in just plain laziness & refusal to enforce the law & the rules because it hurt both them & their child.

Your refusal to discipline, child-train, chasten, & scourge your child is going to hurt you a lot more & that child a lot more & God's Work a lot more than a little hurt that would have lasted for a moment in a spanking or whipping or some kind of punishment. If you don't change & straighten out & straighten that child out, your crying is going to last morning, noon & night, day after day & year after year until the whole thing goes crash.

You cannot have any link broken in the chain of discipline, because only one person who fails to discipline a child can undo all the good training that all the others have put into him. Lack of unity & cooperation between parents or among parents & teachers destroys any possibility of training and discipline.

Our children are the future & we must preserve & protect the future. And if we don't take care of our children, preserve & protect & train them properly so that they are good little Christians who know how to behave, & are good examples & are good products of good parents, then we have wrecked the future.

If you think that just a mere resurrection or rapture is going to remedy everything & God is going to take care of everything, including your own failures & mistakes & the mess you've made out of your children, you've got a sad awakening coming. You're going to reap tomorrow what you sowed today & yesterday. And you're going to have to rectify it & change it & get it straightened out in the future, in the Millennium.

Most children can be forced to be good. If all those caring for them use strict discipline, faithful, consistent, continuous unrelenting discipline, they'll learn very soon that crime doesn't pay.

No matter how faithful you are in every other area & every other job & every other thing, if you have failed with your children, you have failed God in the most important job He has given you to do!--And that's to prepare & save the future, which is your children.

Either you straighten out & straighten your children out & make them behave or you have no place in the rulership of the house of God. If you can't rule your own household, you certainly cannot rule over the church of God or have any place of great responsibility or administration over His government or His people.

A child becomes an adult when they learn to sacrifice for others & share & help each other, & that's maturity in the Lord's eyes.

. We should not teach children to be self-confident, but Christ confident.

The reason our children are such wonderful children is because you parents & teachers have been such examples to them. They believe in this Family & the Lord & what we believe, because they believe in you & know you live it & you are it & they don't doubt it & they love you & respect & admire & have faith in you.


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