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Help those who are in need. May be one day you will need a help too...

God Loves A Cheerful Giver!

($1.33US is good enough)

Help us to start soup kitchen!

Your name is going to be posted here

The program to be presented:


Letter-Request from the managers of the Orphan Homes

The goal is to help orphans in a desperate situation.


For monthly regular donation write me please:


with information how much you want to give & I will request money from you.
If you would like to send a check in Kazakhstan please let me know, I'll give you contact name. If you want to give little money by check - then it's better to get money together & send it once. That's why you can send money check on my name, all donations are going to be posted.
My address:6818, Lac Pilon
Elena Baklitskaia

help orphansThe story of this place is usual for all regions which are going through crash:

children & old people suffer the most...



They have not enough nourishing food to develop,
they don't have medication,
they don't have enough wheel chairs
and there are

130 babies.

Another orphan home consists of

250 children without parents

Since I was visiting this place regularly
I know that a lot of old people have died from hunger and that orphans are forsaken as well.

help So what can I do? And what we can do about it as well?

There is a chance of starting soup kitchen with our help.

We've found four people in Kazakhstan who would like to work

: two cooks, a man who will be in charge of buying & delivering products, an independent oversee, who will give monthly reports on proper using money.

We have agreement with them, their passport information, addresses.


Also I' m going to be in contact with the managers of orphan homes, so that I can get feedback from them as well.

Is it worth to help?

So I've opened Paypal account for orphans.


How it will work & how you can be sure that I'm not taking these money?

I'm going to post every dollar or even cent, donated with the name or any identification of the person, the way he presents himself or if they don't want

need help

Click here for the Bible Story!

Let's say you have donated $1.33,($0.33 is a fee) then I' ll receive notification from Paypal.

Once a week I will update my webpage with information about donation & person's name & the sum of money

collected for orphans.

When God's willing, it will be $100, I'll send money to start.

They will buy milk!

They will buy eggs!

The children will tell you:


I'll scan my check & post an image on the website. Later on I'll post information how it's going.

If you think it's good enough

& you are willing to give $1.33( Less?)

If you would like to make automatic monthly payment, please

Contact Me