The months went by and more and more grasshoppers became lazy and slow, but the teacher was faithful to tell them and all the others about this story, and some didn't follow the "King".

Winter soon came and all the grasshoppers that had worked moved to their winter homes with all the food they had harvested, but the ones that were lazy and fat could not walk that far because they couldn't hop anymore, they were now cold and hungry.

"We're not going to survive!" said one grasshopper that had lost all hope, "Oh God forgive us!" all the others joined him in asking for mercy soon the "King" joined them in their plea.

The Angel came and gave all of them warmth and gave back the happiness that they had forsaken.

They all had hope again and some were able to hop. "Your life will be fully renewed next summer, God loves you and he forgives you, hurry now snow comes you still have a ways to go.." then she was gone again.

The moral of the story is never tell God you don't need him! He loves us ALL, and he wants to make us happy but sometimes we won't let him, and we choose to do our own thing…But only God knows what is best for us!

~Won't you let him make you happy? ~

The End


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