Communion is a simple illustration of the Lord's last supper with His disciples.

--One of the few little ceremonies that Jesus ever went through.

It's the only real religious ceremony that Jesus Himself instituted & the one that He commanded us to continue to observe until He comes again!

He intended it to be a symbol, a little illustrated message which has a number of meanings.

It is a remembrance, a thanksgiving, a witness & a demonstration of unity.

Communion means remembering Him & His death for us.--The sacrifice of His life for our Salvation, the breaking of His body for our healing.
It is a thanksgiving celebrating the Salvation of the entire man. It is a witness & testimony to others who watch to remind them of what Jesus has done for us.
We are testifying that He died for us & "showing His death till He comes". (1Cor.11:26) It's also a time for believers to get their hearts together in unity, showing we believe as one.
It's a good time to renew fellowship, confess sins, make things right, thank Him for His Salvation, obtain healing, bring unity, & witness to all His goodness to us all!--Amen?
God will bless you as you do what He commanded!

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