Animated Stories compiled as E-Books.

Nicely illustrated and animated Books give a child opportunity to tune into the Bible easier.

Age range depends on the story and a child.

For the younger kids would be better to start with shorter stories

Like "Jesus's First miracle"

or "Peter Walking on the Water"

Longer stories demand more attention.

So it would be easier to have a story with the Narrator

We just started recording voices. We are going to add Narrator to all these stories as well

So keep checking.


Also if you will purchase the E-Book now, we will replace it with the same E-Book, but with Narrator.














1.The Story of Adam and Eve (English, French)

2.Talking Donkey

3.The Story of Noah’s Ark

4. Peter Walking on the Water

5. First Miracle

6. Miracles of Fishes

7. Daniel God’s Prophet & Amazing Dream

8. Ministry of John the Baptist

9. The Elijah

10.The Day When The Sun Stood Still









fishesThe Miracles of Fishes

0.70 MB ISBN 0-9781675-0-8

Price: $ 3.33 US

danielDaniel God's Prophet & Amazing Dream

3.23 MB ISBN 0-9781675-0-10

Price: $4.33 US


Ministry of John the Baptist

1.18 MB ISBN 0-9781675-0-11

Price: $ 3.33 US

ElijahThe Elijah

4.16 MB

ISBN 0-9781675-0-13

Price: $4. US


The Day When The Sun Stood Still

2.30MB ISBN 0-9781675-0-12

Price: $4.33 US