Children's Bible Stories

   1.The miracle of the Loaves   and Fishes

   2.The Story of Moses

   3.Walking on the water

   4.Ministry of John the Baptist

   5.Parables of the Sower

   6.Rich Fool



   1.The Story of Abraham

   2.Christmas Story

   3. Lazarus Raised

   4.The Easter Story



   1. Adam & Eve

   2.Talking Donkey

   3.Daniel 2

   4.The story of Noah's Ark

   5.The true Story of Saint Nicholas

   6.The Day the Sun Stood Still. The Story of Joshua.


   Bible Stories on CD


   Coloring pages


   Bible study for children

   Psalm 23 illustrated

   Who or What is God? 


   Funny books for children

   1.Sasha's Story

   2.Grasshopper the King

   4.Butterfly Mimmy

   5.Giggles in the

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   With additional new stories:

   Old Testament

    The Elijah

    New Testament

   1. Paul's Conversion

   2. Paul is Shipwrecked

   3. Jesus Turns Water into Wine

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child bible story

The Story of Abraham

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Christmas Story

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child bible story,illustrated story online

The Story Of Lazarus

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Easter Story

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Santa,the real story of S. Nick

The True Story of Saint Nicholas



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