When Mary awoke the next morning, she felt happy. Yet she was wondering if everything was true...

"Oh I know the angel told me that my cousin Elisabeth is pregnant, I think I will go visit her"

She got dressed, ate, let her Mom know where she was going and why; and off she went on a journey to Juda where her cousin lived.

It took Mary a few days, so when she arrived at Zacharias and Elisabeth' s home she was tired and weary from the long journey;

Elisabeth hurried to share her news with her about what the Lord had done, but as she saw Mary and heard her voice the baby in her tummy jumped with joy!

At that moment, Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost and she started saying

"Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the baby you carry. It is such a blessing that you came to visit me the mother of my Lord.

Look Mary! The baby in my tummy leaps for joy, feel him jump. He is happy, it is as if he knows the child you carry is special. Mary said, "Oh Elisabeth, I feel so loved. It is amazing that He has chosen me a simple maiden to be the mother of His Holy Child.

Mary stayed with her for about three months helping and learning many precious lessons. She wanted to be there when Elisabeth gave birth to the baby.

When baby John was born Mary knew it was time for her to go home and tell Joseph all that had happen. She worried about how Joseph would receive this news, so she asked Elisabeth and Zacharias to keep her in their prayers.

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