Because they had to live in the foreign country hiding for two years!

God gave the kings a dream and said, "King Herod is afraid to lose his kingdom because of Jesus. He is going to kill Jesus."

So the kings went back another route, a shortcut, and they bypassed the wicked King  Herod.

An Angel also appeared to Joseph and said, "Take your wife and young child and  flee to Egypt, and be there until I tell you to come back.

So he took his wife and Jesus and the donkey and they took off for Egypt!

After two years the Lord told Joseph, "Don't worry anymore, King Herod is dead! You can go home to Nazareth now!"

Imagine they went away just a young couple with a pregnant wife, and they came back with a four-year-old little boy!

How about that!

"Out of Egypt have I called My Son" (Mathew 2:15; Hosea 11;1)





The End

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